Seminars and Conferences

Over the years BARTA has held and been involved in some amazing events that have helped forge relationships and drive innovation. This area is dedicated to highlighting those experts and organisations that we have connected with through those events and sharing the lessons learnt.

BARTA / UC Davis – California 2017

BARTA held our 2017 event in partnership with UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in California. This was an exciting opportunity for continuing our vision of building relationships and developing best practice. In the short set of films Professor Josh Slater reflects on the highlights, main themes and the take home messages from the conference:


Changing and Challenging Cultures

Communication and Vocabulary


Audit, Research and Evidence

Scope and Vision

Learning Needs and Evidence Gaps

BARTA UC Davis 2017 Presentations

BARTA Conference – Prague 2015

Horse SA Conference 2013

In 2013 Josh and Jim represented BARTA at the Horse SA conference and have continued to have close links with the organisation working together and sharing ideas.

To find out more about the work they do, click on the logo to visit the Horse SA site.