Who We Work With

BARTA shares common aims with a variety of other organisations with whom close cooperation exists in order to promote a joined up initiative for their members or in support of our wider stakeholders.

We are all working together to protect livelihoods, promote safer rescues and improve welfare at incidents involving animals.

BARTA has worked in partnership with The Horse Trust for many years and drawn on expertise of their Knowledge and Skills team to develop bespoke equine behaviour and handling training, ensuring common principles and evidence based skills across responder organisations.

Now formal partners, BARTA share purpose built modern training facilities at The Horse Trust headquarters in Buckinghamshire.

BARTA is a member of the National Equine Welfare Council.

Current projects are looking at a joined up approach in supporting operatives in the welfare sector for dealing with the hazards of planning for, rounding up and safely evacuating equines from unsafe environments.

The British Horse Society was key to the early awareness and development of equine rescue. The Emergency Services Protocol was a first step in providing standard advice for emergency services. BARTA have supported BHS conferences including in 2015 when a national fire safety seminar was held at the Royal Veterinary College, highlighting the hazards of rural fires and good practices by equine owners to protect their horses and properties.

HM Coastguard respond to emergencies in and around UK coastal areas, often encountering animals as part of their operational role.

BARTA have been working together to evaluate equipment and practices in support of their interactions with animals in often hazardous situations.

Military veterinarians in the Royal Army Veterinary Corps have for many years engaged in training for incidents involving animals, dealing with situations that occur both internally and when interacting with other emergency responders during ceremonial duties in the public eye.

Farriers of the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment and Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery are all BARTA trained in response and rescue techniques.

Smokey Paws are a Community Interest Company whose charitable fundraising and awareness helps equip emergency services with lifesaving pet oxygen therapy kits.

BARTA supports the role out of kits with guidance and training in their use as part of our Pre-Veterinary Immediate Emergency Care programme.

British Divers Marine Life Rescue are a charity providing expertise and training, responding to the needs of marine mammals that become stranded or entangled around UK coastlines.

The National Trailer and Towing Association team up with BARTA to provide advice for their members who tow livestock and horse boxes.

Both organisations sit on the National Towing Group, overseen by Highways England.