Collaboration in developing resources

Members of seven Fire and Rescue Services, representing the National Fire Chiefs Council Animal Rescue Practitioners Forum, came together to help film the linchpin techniques utilised by UK large animal rescue teams.

It has been nine years since we last compiled a comprehensive suite of resources and BARTA are updating materials in line with what we have learned through experience and stakeholder consensus.

The films demonstrate a methodical, role based approach to basic techniques which, once learnt, can be adapted to suit the circumstances encountered.

Whilst the films don’t have their audio as yet, you can get a good idea of the format and style we are looking to deliver.

Resource packs for Team Leaders and Instructors provide essential information in line with National Operational Guidance and support learning gained through BARTA’s Large Animal Rescue Team Leader courses, which (all being well) are due to commence in autumn 2020.

If you want to know more, why not take a look: BARTA Team Leader

BARTA would like to thank the following Fire and Rescue Services for the invaluable contribution made by their personnel, both in the filming and also during discussions, helping shape future training and development.
Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire, West Sussex, Norfolk, Leicestershire and Hertfordshire.