The BARTA Large Animal Rescue Team Leader intermediate level course is linked to the knowledge and understanding criteria for Fire and Rescue Service National Operational Guidance (NOG) (Equivalent Fire and Rescue Service AR3 level).

Designed to equip large animal rescue team leaders with situational awareness and skills to safely manage a team and resolve incidents involving large animals.

Key outcomes will be the ability to assess a variety of operational situations and develop tactical plans in conjunction with veterinary professionals and associated agencies, leading to safe, welfare driven outcomes.

Key areas of learning include:

  • Situational awareness: Common species encountered, environments, impact of people and legislation applicable to the first responder
  • Casualty centred rescue: Tactical use of chemical control and anatomical considerations for chosen rescue techniques
  • Advanced practical equine skills: Planning safe capture, loading, evacuation and corralling of equines in emergencies and disasters
  • Transportation: Understanding common transportation vehicle configurations and practical considerations for rescue
  • Case studies and scenarios: Application of learning through table top and practical scenarios

BARTA Re-qualification Criteria

In order to maintain a BARTA Team Leader qualification and have continued access to BARTA resources, delegates must undertake the following:

  1. Maintain competency as a large animal rescue responder
  2. Demonstrate attendance at an annual qualifying CPD event which might include;
    • BARTA working group
    • NFCC ARPF workshop or forum meeting
    • BARTA hosted training event
  3. Successfully complete a BARTA Re-certification course every 3 years (2 day)

Module Details:

Duration: 4 days (Maximum 12 Delegates)

Location: Buckinghamshire

Eligible candidates: Delegates may attend from agencies with an organised response model for dealing with incidents involving large animals and who ideally have proven operational experience in attending large animal rescues.

Prerequisite: Eligible candidates will have completed either:

  1. BARTA Intermediate level Equine Encounters, Livestock Encounters and Large Animal Rescue Responder training and/or
  2. Achieved Fire and Rescue Service AR2 competency aligned with CFOA / NFCC Animal Rescue Practitioners Forum syllabus / learning outcomes

A pre-course online assessment will be a prerequisite to ensure standardisation of knowledge and understanding at intermediate level.

Accredited prior learning will be considered in relation to large animal psychology and handling.

Available dates:

16th – 19th July 2024 (2/24)

12th – 15th November (3/24)