The BARTA Incidents Involving Equines module is delivered in partnership with the Knowledge and Skills team at The Horse Trust. This safety and welfare training is essential for emergency responders who may be required to assess and interact with equines as part of their operational role.

Highly practical and incident focused, the workshop will provide delegates with skills to recognise equine behaviours and utilise techniques and approach that maximise safety for personnel and promote welfare of the animal.

Key areas of learning include:

  • Health and safety around equines
  • The law and how it impacts on you
  • Situational awareness and managing equine incidents
  • Risk assessing and planning actions every time you deal with equines
  • The importance of teamwork and a managed coordinated approach
  • Recognising equine behaviours
  • Practical welfare centred techniques learnt through demonstration, hands on practice and scenario based activities

Module Details:

Duration: 1 day (Maximum 12 Delegates)

Location: Buckinghamshire

Prerequisite: Public sector and voluntary emergency responders (Police, Fire, Ambulance, Coastguard, Mountain Rescue and similar organisations)


Due to the number of single service “Incidents Involving Equines" training events that have been confirmed for 2022, we are unable to offer any further open courses for individuals until 2023. 

For larger single service groups: please contact us to discuss training, which can be held at the Horse Trust site in Buckinghamshire or at your own secure, risk assessed site.

Cost per Delegate:

  • Standard rate £555
  • Public sector discounted rate £333

Further concessionary rates may apply, contact us to discuss your organisational needs.