Speaker Spotlight – Mick Titcombe


Mick Joined Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service as a full-time Firefighter in 1998, he is currently a temporary Station manager in Command training, before this he was a watch manager responsible for all technical training.

He developed his skills and experience, whilst working for 19 years as a Watch Manager on a technical rescue station responding to Swift-water, boat and animal rescue incidents. He responded as a technician, AR Team leader, Water Team leader and Water incident manager. Within his current role he still responds Water and Animal related incidents.

Micks Grandparents had a farm, many of his early years were spent there, which gave him a passion for farming. He currently has his own smallholding, with a variety of species of farm animals,
predominantly breeding his own sheep. He is also relief Sheppard/Stock-man at a large Farm on country estate, which he uses to provide Animal rescue training.

He had always enjoyed training and developing people. He teaches several technical subjects Animal rescue, rope rescue, Swift water rescue, and recently qualified as a water Incident manager
instructor. He is now part of the BARTA team, delivering Responder, Team Leader, and Accredited Instructor courses.

Mick has many outdoor sporting hobbies, many involving water sports, his experience in farming, and many teaching and instructor qualifications had led to a unique set of skills sets that he uses to deliver training.

Always keen to improve the way the Fire service responds to Incidents, in 2023 he successfully applied to the Churchill fellowship for a grant to Fund a research trip to Australia and US to see how
both Countries respond to large area and flooding and animal rescue.

He has just completed his report, titled “Improve the UK Preparedness for climate emergencies for incidents involving animals”

He wants to use his findings to influence change in the way the UK responds to an ever increasing challenge.

When asked about the experience, Mick said: “In 2023 I was lucky enough to be a granted a Churchill fellowship to Australia and the United States. The title of the my report is Improve the UK Preparedness for Climate emergencies for incidents involving animals.

Australia and US have different types of Climate Disasters, but the devastation is very similar. This is the same all over the world, but I choose these countries, as they have responders and systems in place to try to mitigate this. The main aim of my research was widescale floodings, and learning how different countries respond to theses emergencies, and the joining together of Animals and water rescue disciplines.

I was fortunate enough to spend time with and train with amazing people from both countries, the knowledge I gained I will try to influence change in UK.

In my workshop at the BARTA conference I will address the key learning and recommendations in areas covering: Pre-planning, Response, Information, International Partnerships, Improve UK Fire service Training, Equipment”