Speaker Spotlight – Adam Mugford


It is no surprise that when humans are involved in an emergency or trauma, companion animals may be impacted too.

Often animals are overlooked as the immediate focus is on people. But, as well as a moral duty, animal welfare legislation places a legal obligation on emergency responders to factor animals into their plan, provide medical intervention when safe to do so and to ensure animals benefit from definitive veterinary care as soon as possible.

Dr Adam Mugford is the BARTA lead for Immediate Care of domestic animals and a critical care specialist. Adam will be providing important advice to help responders and first opinion vets make informed decisions to improve the well-being of companion animals in distress.

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A graduate of the Royal Veterinary College (RVC), following an internship also at the same institution, he spent a period of 2 years in general practice, including sole charge night work in an RCVS-accredited hospital. Adam completed his specialist training (residency) in ECC again at the RVC, becoming a diplomate and gaining a master’s degree the same year.

In 2022, he was elected to the Fellowship of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (FRCVS), the highest level of membership, made in recognition of outstanding contributions to the veterinary profession, in his case to clinical practice.

An Honorary Lecturer of the University of Liverpool and teaching and examining for advanced postgraduate certification for several organisations, including BSAVA. Adam was Head of Emergency and Intensive Care for four hospitals and oversaw standards of out-of-hours provision to 50+ sites in and around London until 2017.

Prior to joining Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists (Mars Veterinary Health) had performed the role of clinical board chair of a large specialist hospital. He was Vice-chair of the group clinical advisory committee supporting over 400 general practices. In addition to his current role he is a subject matter expert to the Linnaeus Group Clinical Board.

He is a representative to the RCVS Practice Standards Group responsible for setting and reviewing the UK Practice Standards Scheme and its rules and inspection protocols. A key member of the team organising Europe’s largest ECC Congress, bringing together delegates from 50 countries and a member of the ACVECC education committee developing post-graduate emergency education for North America.

Lecturing internationally, he is a certified CPR (RECOVER) Instructor. Co-authored the BSAVA national triage guidance for use during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown in the UK and subsequently adopted internationally. He has previously consulted for the Royal Army Veterinary Core, Public Health England and Rothchilds and achieved the NHS Leadership Academy Award in Health Care Leadership Foundations.

Through BARTA he volunteers time as a clinical advisor to contribute to best practice guidelines for incidents involving animals and the UK emergency services and Chairs the Small Animal Working Group. The group was awarded an RCVS Knowledge Award ‘One to watch’ in 2023.