Two Days of Intensive Training

BARTA Director Jim Green has just returned from two days of training with the veterinary team responsible for the cross country event at the Paris 2024 Equestrian Games.

Jim said: ‘It has been an intense few days of planning, preparing and testing ahead of the biggest equestrian date in the calendar.

Challenges of large events like this include the inability to move around the site quickly and therefore the positioning of response resources is key. My role has been to view the site with veterinary leads and identify areas that require particular planning in case of an incident.

I have had the pleasure of carrying out scenario training with treating vets and equine ambulance teams, as well as giving a talk on responding as a team for an event which sees a whole host of volunteers come together to make such a spectacle happen seamlessly.

At the cross country which is based around the Park and Grand Canal at the Palace of Versailles, riders will navigate a challenging 5300m, 4 star level course which involves crossing the 60-70m span of water twice on floating pontoons.

Over 60 veterinary professionals will be on hand to ensure the best care for horses at every stage of the Olympic events. With the proximity to water a major feature of the route, animal and water rescue team members from the Paris fire and rescue service will be in position to cover any eventualities.

Planning for this event has been meticulous and I am certain that the legacy of this will be used in the years and events to come.’