New Resources – Lifting Project 2024

BARTA are creating a new suite of large animal rescue educational lifting films, with support from Farol Ltd, based in Oxfordshire, who generously supplied us with a telehandler for the filming.

Ollie Bensted-Smith brought a Kramer KT3610 demonstrator to our training centre at the Horse Trust to demonstrate the advantages of a machine commonly available in an agricultural setting. Various scenarios were created to show the versatility of the telehandler such as lifting an animal to extract it from an entrapment or when in a restricted space such as a swimming pool.

We are grateful to Animal Rescue Accredited Instructors from Buckinghamshire, Cheshire and Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Services, who participated in the filming.

As well as demonstrating the types of lifting machinery available, they also helped create new films showing the methods of safely applying harnesses to animals for rescue or medical suspension.

Jim Green, BARTA Director of Operations said: “There are many things to consider when deciding whether to lift an animal. The animal casualty, the environment and availability of resources have to be taken into consideration when deciding the best course of action. Additionally, any lifting must be done under supervision of a veterinary professional. These films will act as an aide in developing a responders knowledge, to optimise decision making”

Ollie from Farol said: “The Kramer KT3610 Telehandler with a reach of 9.5 metres and a lifting capacity of 3.6 Tonnes is the perfect machine for this style of work, with a stable platform and chunky Michelin Bibload tyres that perform well across a variety of terrains.”

If you would like to know more about Farol Ltd, take a look at tehir website:

The aim is to get the first stage of the project completed for our conference in June. At the event one of the workshop sessions will be looking at lifting philosophy in a session titled:

To lift, or Not to Lift – That is the Question! When, How and With What? …and What Next!

If you want to know more about conference or get tickets, here’s the link: