Moving forward collaboratively…

This week, BARTA brought together a variety of agencies and experts who deal with incidents involving animals, whether single animal focussed or wide scale community events affecting multiple people and animals.

Jim Green, BARTA Director of Operations said, “This is the first time we have had such a diverse range of agencies discussing their organisational response to animal incidents. Understanding their priorities and exploring how we can support each other collaboratively will directly benefit people and animals.

There are clear concerns that the animal component of human emergencies and animal specific issues will develop in response to emerging climate driven emergencies and we are right to be having conversations now about preparedness and resilience.

BARTA are committed to encouraging and facilitating debate and seeking practical, evidence based solutions for our responders.

I’d like to thank all the agencies who attended and look forward to future developments.”

The meeting was attended by members of veterinary associations, the RSPCA, National Fire Chiefs Council, the Environment Agency, Police and HM Coastguard.