CPD for large animal rescue team leaders is highly practical and engaging, based on standardisation and effectiveness of team roles, technique application and situational awareness.  

Ongoing support for team leaders will be accessed through BARTA's online Team Leader Community Hub which hosts resources to enhance their knowledge and provide consistency across fire and rescue services.

Key areas of learning for CPD:

  • Responsibilities, knowledge and skills requirements of rescue team roles
  • Practical application of the “10 Steps to Situational Awareness" through case studies
  • Standardisation of approved rescue techniques and applications
  • Standard lifting techniques

For incidents Involving Livestock and Equines;

  • Senses and Anatomy
  • Understanding Behaviours
  • Handling Techniques
  • Risk Awareness

BARTA Re-qualification Criteria

In order to maintain a BARTA Team Leader qualification and have continued access to BARTA resources, delegates must undertake the following:

  1. Maintain competency as a large animal rescue responder

  2. Demonstrate attendance at an annual qualifying CPD event which might include;

    • BARTA working group

    • NFCC ARPF workshop or forum meeting

    • BARTA hosted training event

  3. Successfully complete a BARTA Re-certification course every 3 years (2 day)

Module Details:


2 day Incidents Involving Livestock (Max 10 Delegates)

2 Day Incidents Involving Equines (Max 10 Delegates)

1 Day Accredited Instructor Standardisation (Max 12 Delegates)

1 Day Bespoke – Tailored to your own service requirements (Dependant on Content)


BARTA Training Facility, Northamptonshire (Livestock, Standardisation)

BARTA Training Facility, The Horse Trust, Buckinghamshire (Equine, Standardisation)

Bespoke –  Can be held in your own Service


Eligible candidates must be competent in role as large animal rescue team leaders or BARTA Accredited Instructors.

Available Dates: 

10th – 11th July 2024 – 2 Day Incidents Involving Equines 

23rd – 24th October 2024 – 2 Day Incidents Involving Livestock