Neil started with Hampshire Fire and Rescue in 1986 and after serving operationally at a number of stations moved into their Commercial Training team in 2001 designing and delivering fire safety training to businesses across Hampshire. 

Always interested in creating blended, interactive content and ensuring a standardised approach across the delivery team, in 2006 he joined the operational training team and started to review the material being delivered centrally to operational teams. 

Taking his home video camera in to create a short film on donning and doffing a BA set initially and finding ways to deliver that film online grew over the next few years to creating hundreds of films, media and presentations to support the HFRS competency framework and lead to the creation of the HFRS Moodle platform. 

It was during this time that Neil first met Jim and they worked together on developing National training DVD packages for Large Animal Rescue Techniques, Animal Handling, Wildfire and Animal Transportation. 

In 2013 Neil became the project lead for Moodle, managing the system and with a team supporting the work could finally let others take over some of the camera work.

After 30 years with Hampshire Neil left in 2016 to work for himself and shortly after Jim asked if he could help BARTA create a National training package for Highways England and pick up the camera again, they haven’t stopped since.

Officially becoming part of BARTA in 2019, Neil now manages the delivery of projects and the creative development of our blended learning solutions, Moodle platform and website.