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BARTA Working Groups Gather…

This month specialists from the veterinary and emergency services came together once again to agree best practice solutions to issues surrounding incidents involving animals. The large animal group focussed on lifting animals for rescue or medical suspension.  The type and availability of suitable lifting devices varies within rescue organisations and sometimes the most suitable solution may not come from within the organisation. Clear understanding of the problem is required, to make the right choices. Current practices were evaluated in order to support judgements for selection of device or method, based on informed situational awareness and the casualty centred rescue. Additionally, areas for development were identified and discussions had with equipment manufacturers around improvements that would promote safety or patient care. Next steps will be to create visual resources to help Team Leaders with training and decision making. National Operational Guidance … Continue reading

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Wearing PPE… a culture change for vets

The culture is changing in the veterinary industry as a whole and wearing helmets is now common and becoming normal. This is mainly because of mandatory policies in relation to competitions and local policies set at many yards. BEVA is raising awareness of the importance of equine behaviour modification, equine behaviour assessment, risk assessment and risk reduction (including PPE and helmets). Professor Josh Slater says, “The time is right for the equine vet profession to fully engage with helmet use. Our vet schools all have helmet policies, some mandatory (i.e. wear helmets at all times when working around animals) and others are risk based, but each year of new graduates from 2018 onward will be “used to wearing helmets.” “The really pleasing thing is that students seem to be embracing helmets and we certainly don’t see any signs of reluctance … Continue reading

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National Equine Forum

Jim Green, Director of BARTA was awarded the Sir Colin Spedding Award for equine welfare at the 25th National Equine Forum in 2017 and was invited to deliver the memorial lecture in the presence of HRH The Princess Royal at this year’s event. This was held at the 26th National Equine Forum on the 8th March 2018 at the Institute of Mechanical Engineers in Westminster, London. Jim talked about the history of the rescue initiative, current provision in the UK and future challenges. The event was live-streamed and Jim also spoke to HorseHour about the animal incidents that he has attended and the initiatives that he has been involved in… 26th National Equine Forum 2018 Live Stream (recorded) HorseHour Podcast

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