Veterinary Responder Equine Guide

Are just about to start a new job in equine practice?

Ever been in an emergency situation and just can’t quite remember that sedation regime?

BARTA have worked in collaboration with vets from universities and private practice to put together a prompt card to help you out with everything from:

  • What to pack in your grab bag
  • Sedation regimes and doses
  • Field anaesthesia regimes
  • Little reminders of things to check for in an emergency

It’s just like having your “phone a friend” in your pocket!

It is available as a PDF to download currently and if there is enough demand we would be happy to produce hard copies, so please let us know what you think!

Our BARTA working groups develop our resources and are made up of experts from our stakeholder agencies and associations.

Focus of the groups and participants are directed by current workstreams, set by the BARTA Board following consultation with industry and sector leads to determine priorities and objectives. 

BARTA advice and direction will, wherever possible be evidence based or a consensus opinion by industry leads. The terms of reference for the working groups are: 

  • Review industry requirements following stakeholder engagement
  • Identify appropriate expertise from stakeholder organisations to support workstreams
  • Collaborate with industry leads to support a standard approach across agencies
  • Oversee development of materials and resources with appropriate methods of delivery ready for stakeholder sign off