BARTA Approved

Question: What does BARTA APPROVED mean?

Answer: BARTA APPROVED demonstrates that equipment or PPE has been developed in conjunction with BARTA or has been evaluated by BARTA against agreed criteria.

Having a BARTA APPROVED mark should reassure agencies that the manufacturer is engaged in an ongoing process of collaboration and development, which in turn helps BARTA in our goal to provide the best equipment and training for those who attend incidents involving animals.

Question: Does BARTA APPROVED mean it is the only equipment fit for purpose?

Answer: No, there may be more than one item for a similar role or function that is APPROVED by BARTA. Equally there may be equipment that has not been through a process of APPROVAL and therefore should not be discounted as inappropriate just because it doesn’t carry the mark. 

But purchase of equipment carrying the mark promotes confidence and ensures that a small percentage of the money goes towards supporting our continued commitment to inspire excellence in animal response.

Approved products will be promoted on the BARTA website with the relevant information to help organisations access the most appropriate equipment for their teams. 

This is a new initiative and will grow organically as manufacturers meet the criteria.

If you have any questions about animal rescue equipment, or if you are interested in achieving BARTA Approved status, don’t hesitate to get in touch at: [email protected]