VLAR Level 3 – Advanced Veterinary Responder

Training programme due for release 2018

The BARTA VLAR 3 – Advanced Veterinary Responder accredited course is aimed at the experienced vet.

Having already progressed through our VLAR level 2 training the next stage is designed to support and enhance your veterinary, command and rescue skills in this ever changing world, where we need to be ready to deal with a wide range of scenarios and evermore challenging environments.

A BARTA VLAR 3 vet will lead teams, give advice on response plans and capabilities at large scale incidents and have enhanced skills for dealing with everyday animal related emergency incidents.

Similar to the BASICs role for medics, BARTA want to support their community of vets by giving them access to the training and support that extends their response capabilities. Whether its Gold Command protocols or specialist rescue techniques like water rescue and working at height, we aim to deliver a comprehensive package to support our Advanced Veterinary Responders.

For more information on our plans please contact: info@bartacic.org