VLAR Level 1 – Awareness

Revised course due for release September 2018

The BARTA VLAR 1 – Awareness accredited course is aimed at both undergraduates and veterinary professionals wanting to gain an insight into trauma care whilst operating within a multi-agency emergency response environment to an animal related incident.

Available in two options, stand alone or enhanced.

VLAR 1 – Stand alone: consists of an assessed 2 hour eLearning course supplemented by a practical workshop held at various locations around the UK.

VLAR 1 – Enhanced (Veterinary Universities Only): This bespoke option can be designed to fit around your current educational plan. Our VLAR 1 modules are available to supplement the modules already planned within your curriculum. Once again this can be enhanced with a practical workshop.

The VLAR 1 role is essential in supporting the VLAR 2 veterinary professionals working with the emergency services at a multi-agency response. The awareness level introduces you to operating safely within the rescue environment. Looking at why we need to learn about rescue, PPE and equipment, attitudes/behaviour of people and animals, Incident Command, receiving a call to attend an emergency, Fire and Rescue Service BARTA Approved Rescue techniques, triage and chemical control.

The BARTA VLAR 1 – Awareness training programme is aimed at providing both qualification and standardisation of techniques for veterinary professionals and in turn achieving a wide scale seamless, professional approach to dealing with incidents involving animals.

For information on course dates and costs please contact: info@bartacic.org