Veterinary Responder

Our BARTA Veterinary Responder BEVA Approved course is designed to develop the knowledge and skills of practising veterinary surgeons and supporting team members when attending large animal incidents alongside the emergency services.

National guidance for the fire and rescue service and the Civil Contingencies Act both recognise the importance of trained veterinary responders attending and supporting the resolution of incidents involving animals.

These range from routine single animal entrapments where the animal is the focus, to major incidents such as flooding, where animals may form a component of a wider emergency situation.

The course will assist veterinary professionals in improving outcomes through mutual understanding of capabilities, knowledge of incident command procedures and how veterinary specialists fit into a multi agency response team.

Through a mixture of classroom discussion and practical scenarios, this highly engaging day will give veterinarians and veterinary nurses the confidence to deliver the best possible veterinary care in challenging circumstances as part of a wider rescue team

Key areas of learning include;

  • Working knowledge of large animal rescue principles and techniques 
  • Understand incident command protocols and the veterinary specialist role
  • Support the resolution of incidents involving large animals by providing:
    • Triage and viability assessment
    • Advice to inform the rescue tactical plan
    • Identification of risks from animal or environment
    • Chemical control
    • Pre-hospital care through casualty management
    • Euthanasia
    • Contribute to post incident hot debrief, provide feedback and welfare support

Duration: 1 day (Maximum 12 Delegates)

Next available date: 03/03/21

Location: BARTA training facility at The Horse Trust, Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire. 

Eligible candidates: Large animal veterinary surgeons and nurses