Dealing with Animals on the Network

This entry level course is designed to support the safe resolution of an incident involving animals on the road network.

The blended learning programme consists of two hours pre-course eLearning, designed to support and prepare you for the practical training sessions. This is a hand’s on day where you will be discussing animal behaviour and learning practical handling skills and control techniques.

We currently have practical sessions available with our partners for handling Horses, Dogs and Swans, but can arrange other species if required.

Our eLearning content is based on modules covering PPE and Equipment, keeping safe when working around animals and waterfowl, developing a plan, animal related legislation, dynamic risk assessment and species specific behaviour and handling.

The BARTA Dealing with Animals on the Network training programme is aimed at providing both qualification and standardisation of techniques for emergency responders and in turn achieving a wide scale seamless, professional approach to dealing with incidents involving animals.

For information on course dates and costs please contact: