Animal Rescue – Techniques Training (entry level)

The animal rescue techniques training is aimed at new response teams and is designed to enhance our entry level course, “Dealing with Animal’s on the Network”. The focus here is on animal behaviour and basic animal control techniques.

This blended learning programme consists of two hours pre-course eLearning, designed to support and prepare you for the practical training sessions. The practical includes PPE and animal control equipment, animal behaviour, animal handling and basic control and capture techniques.

We currently have eLearning and practical sessions available for handling Horses, Dogs and Swans, but can arrange other species if required.

The BARTA Animal Handling Techniques Training programme aims to provide both qualification and standardisation of techniques for emergency responders and in turn achieving a wide scale seamless, professional approach to dealing with incidents involving animals.

Please Note: We offer a bespoke design and the eLearning within this particular course can be offered as a standalone course or adapted to sit within other courses currently in our portfolio.

For information on course dates and costs please contact: