Animal Handling – Canine Encounters

Designed to support our work in ensuring not only emergency responders, but all those dealing with incidents involving dogs are provided with advice, qualification and standardisation of techniques and in turn achieving a wide scale seamless, professional approach to dealing with all incidents involving animals.

BARTA are pleased to offer a new range of courses and workshops in partnership with Ronnie Jeffrey at Farm Kennels. Ronnie, our Lead Canine Specialist, is a much sought after expert in his field. Together with his team they are dedicated to improving the welfare of dogs and the training and safety of staff and responders who need to deal with dogs in their workplace, through the advancement of best practice.


Awareness: Available online mid 2019. Our entry level package is aimed at giving those encountering canines in their work, but not handling them, an insight into the issues found when dealing with incidents involving dogs.


Intermediate: This level is suitable for those people that will come into contact with dogs during their normal working day. A highly practical workshop designed to support kennel staff, welfare groups and all emergency responders that encounter dogs of any size and breed through their work.


Advanced: This higher level training is suitable for those who work regularly with dogs or encounter dogs and need to deal with and manage their aggressive behaviour through their role. Aimed at those people in roles who will encounter and have to deal with, capture and control aggressive and dangerous dogs.


Dates are currently available for our Intermediate and Advanced Workshops in March, April, May and June.