Canine Encounters – Intermediate

One Day Workshop – £160 per person

Designed to support our work in ensuring not only emergency responders, but all those dealing with incidents involving dogs are provided with both training and standardisation of techniques and in turn achieving a wide scale seamless, professional approach to dealing with all incidents involving animals.

BARTA are pleased to offer this workshop in partnership with Ronnie Jeffrey at Farm Kennels.


The intermediate level of our Canine Encounter range of courses is suitable for those people that will come into contact with dogs during their normal working day. This highly practical workshop is suitable for kennel staff, welfare groups and all emergency responders that might encounter dogs of any size and breed.

The workshop will provide delegates with the skills to recognise canine behaviours and adapt the techniques and the approach taught on the workshop, to ensure their own personal safety in the workplace and provide the best possible welfare for the dogs they deal with.

Ronnie Jeffrey our Lead Canine Specialist is a much sought after expert in his field. Ronnie and his team are dedicated to improving the welfare of dogs and the training and safety of staff and responders who need to deal with dogs in their workplace, through the advancement of best practice.

Key learning Points

The workshop can be held either at the Farm Kennels site near Swanley, Kent or at a suitable, risk assessed, location of your own choice. During the workshop we will cover a wide range of topics and the key learning points are;

  • Overview of why dogs become dangerous, including warning signs
  • What you need to know about health and safety
  • The law and how it impacts on you
  • Situational awareness and your approach to dealing with dogs
  • Risk assessing and planning your actions every time you deal with dogs
  • The importance of teamwork and a managed coordinated approach
  • Practical welfare centred techniques learnt through demonstration, hands on practice and scenario based activities

Please contact BARTA if you would like any further information on the workshop or other tailored modules for your organisation on: