New Animal Emergency Incident Management Network

A strategic focus for animal emergency incident management in Australia and New Zealand is the primary aim for a new organisation, the Animal Emergency Incident Management Network (AEIMN ANZ) Professor Josh Slater, BARTA Director and Chair of the new group, said “this will advance all aspects of incident management involving animals, including research, policy, education, planning, safety, and practices to improve animal welfare outcomes” David King, ESM, the Vice-Chair, said, “The organisation brings together veterinarians, emergency responders and policymakers to develop and promote safer practices at incidents involving domestic animals.” ‘It is a unique opportunity for responders to incidents involving domestic animals to share experiences and to learn from each other”. Guidelines for Large Animal Rescue Operations are now published through AFAC, the equivalent of our National Fire Chiefs Council. This guideline details operational practices that member agencies should consider … Continue reading

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BARTA Working Groups Gather…

This month specialists from the veterinary and emergency services came together once again to agree best practice solutions to issues surrounding incidents involving animals. The large animal group focussed on lifting animals for rescue or medical suspension.  The type and availability of suitable lifting devices varies within rescue organisations and sometimes the most suitable solution may not come from within the organisation. Clear understanding of the problem is required, to make the right choices. Current practices were evaluated in order to support judgements for selection of device or method, based on informed situational awareness and the casualty centred rescue. Additionally, areas for development were identified and discussions had with equipment manufacturers around improvements that would promote safety or patient care. Next steps will be to create visual resources to help Team Leaders with training and decision making. National Operational Guidance … Continue reading

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We’ve been busy training!

It has been a busy start to 2022 for BARTA and the next few months do not seem to be any less packed! Our team have been working across the UK and in the first 3 months provided training to over 200 responders from the veterinary and emergency service communities. We’ve embedded our Incidents Involving Animals – Initial Level training into the Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service online learning platform, therefore becoming the underpinning knowledge for all their operational personnel and forming a thread throughout subsequent training levels for large animal rescue. This year we have 75 newly trained fire and rescue service Large Animal Rescue Responders (AR2), many who will also experience our Livestock and Equine Handling course over the next few months. In March we welcomed 12 new Team Leaders (AR3) to our wider BARTA … Continue reading

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HRH The Princess Royal Opens Training Centre

At an event to celebrate the partnership between BARTA and The Horse Trust in supporting emergency responders to deal effectively with incidents involving animals, HRH The Princess Royal formally opened our new training centre in Buckinghamshire. Firefighters from seven fire and rescue services, all members of the National Fire Chiefs Council Animal Rescue Practitioners Forum, demonstrated animal rescue techniques during a simulated road incident involving a trapped and loose horse and an injured dog. Police and National Highways Traffic Officers supported the incident scenario along with veterinarians and equine transport professionals. During the visit, members of BARTA’s stakeholder working groups demonstrated the range of resources being developed to assist responders in carrying out their role and described how the collaborative nature of BARTA brings together all relevant industries to share knowledge and create standardised policies and procedures. A high percentage … Continue reading

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Increased Risk of Deer Collisions…

Warning of an increased risk of deer collisions as clocks go back. National Highways and the British Deer Society are warning drivers to be extra vigilant for deer on or near roads after the clocks went back this weekend. There is a substantial increase in deer vehicle collisions from October to December. Poorer driving conditions and fewer hours of daylight, coupled with the annual breeding season (the rut) for red, sika and fallow deer make this a high-risk time of year. Research over the years by the DeerAware campaign has also found that the risk increases after the clocks change at the end of October. This is because drivers find themselves more likely to be on the road when deer are most active from sunset to midnight and the hours shortly before and after sunrise. National Highways Head of Road … Continue reading

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DVSA Campaign – Whatever you’re towing, make it SAFE

BARTA are pleased to support the National Towing Working Group DVSA campaign in helping you stay safe on our roads. Got a spare 15 minutes this weekend? If haven’t towed for a while, it’s a good idea to check everything on your horsebox, caravan or trailer is still in workingorder by asking yourself these questions: S – has it been Serviced recently? A – have you got enough Air in your tyres? Check pressure, tread depth and condition.F – have you Fitted the breakaway cable or safety chain and checked electrical connections and cables?E – what are your lights looking like, have you Examined them properly? Check load and weight limit, mirrors and do the jockey wheel test before you travel. Find out more at: Go to the National Trailer & Towing Association website to see where you can … Continue reading

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Team Leaders Learning About Equine Transport

Another week of Large Animal Rescue Team Leader training at our Horse Trust training facility in Buckinghamshire. Thanks to all the team for making it a huge success. Dealing with horses in distress and in danger can be extremely challenging for emergency responders. Knowing what to do and who to call is critical to a successful and safe resolution for human and horse. BARTA training for fire and rescue service team leaders explores strategies employed when horses are loose or trapped. When problems occur on the road network, establishing who can provide transport and in a timely fashion is crucial to the plan. BARTA Director, Jim Green, in his operational role as an animal rescue specialist with the fire and rescue service, has first hand experience of the effectiveness of PRP Rescue. “I recently attended an incident where a pony … Continue reading

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Join the conversation… a BARTA Social Media Event

Really exciting week ahead for equine professionals. This week (24th to 27th March) we will be posting scenarios and questions about one of our favourite topics…. EQUINE RESCUE. As with everyone in this industry we are always learning and we are really looking forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts, questions and top tips! During the week we will look at everything from getting a call for veterinary assistance from a 999 control room, through to what to expect when attending a multi agency response to an incident involving animals and how the vet has a key role to play as part of the response team. You can join in on the conversation at… BARTA on LinkedIn BARTA on Facebook Then on Monday 29th March we will be holding a webinar, where our BARTA experts will be discussing case studies and looking … Continue reading

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New MOU between BARTA and NFCC

British Animal Rescue and Trauma Care Association (BARTA) and National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) Memorandum of Understanding BARTA are delighted to announce a new MOU with the National Fire Chiefs Council, building on the success of the NFCC Animal Rescue Practitioners Forum, which was established in 2008 to develop national standards for fire and rescue service response to animal incidents.  The NFCC brings together operational leadership of the UK’s fire and rescue services to provide coordinated professional, operational and technical leadership of the sector, advising and supporting central and local government, and other stakeholders.  Following publication of national operational guidance for the fire and rescue service in 2017, the scope for planning and responding to incidents involving animals has widened, in recognition that emergency responders may encounter animals within most operational contexts.  Interaction with animals creates challenges for any response … Continue reading

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Highways England New Breakdown Campaign

This month sees the launch of a new road safety campaign by Highways England and BARTA are pleased to support this new drive to improve safety on our road network. BARTA partner with Highways England to promote each others campaigns and work with other industry leads to support safety initiatives that will benefit animal owners and emergency responders. BARTA has also facilitated training for Highways England traffic Officers to assist them in dealing with incidents involving animals on the Network. In addition to the key messages if you are towing or transporting animals on the road network and you breakdown, when calling for assistance make sure you tell Highways England and your breakdown provider that animals are involved. The campaign key message is; If you get into trouble on a motorway – go left If your vehicle has a problem, … Continue reading

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