New Animal Emergency Incident Management Network

A strategic focus for animal emergency incident management in Australia and New Zealand is the primary aim for a new organisation, the Animal Emergency Incident Management Network (AEIMN ANZ)

Professor Josh Slater, BARTA Director and Chair of the new group, said “this will advance all aspects of incident management involving animals, including research, policy, education, planning, safety, and practices to improve animal welfare outcomes”

David King, ESM, the Vice-Chair, said, “The organisation brings together veterinarians, emergency responders and policymakers to develop and promote safer practices at incidents involving domestic animals.”

‘It is a unique opportunity for responders to incidents involving domestic animals to share experiences and to learn from each other”.

Guidelines for Large Animal Rescue Operations are now published through AFAC, the equivalent of our National Fire Chiefs Council.

This guideline details operational practices that member agencies should consider when planning and responding to incidents involving large animals and are based on the UK National Operational Guidance, (Incidents Involving Animals) launched in 2017.

BARTA’s Jim Green reflects on the journey;

“Back in 2009/10 firefighters and educators came to see how the UK initiative was progressing and to take ideas back to Australia. Since then we have journeyed together, supporting what was in the best interests of Australia and New Zealand and finding a way to embed new skills into emergency services.

We are delighted that a group of dedicated individuals from across the two countries now have an organisational platform through which to engage and a set of guidelines to help shape training and response. We look forward to seeing how this develops over the next few months.”

Further details can be found here:

UK National Operational Guidance:

Aus/NZ National Operational Guidance:…/large-animal-rescue-operations

Read more about AEIMN ANZ here: