Highways England New Breakdown Campaign


This month sees the launch of a new road safety campaign by Highways England and BARTA are pleased to support this new drive to improve safety on our road network.

BARTA partner with Highways England to promote each others campaigns and work with other industry leads to support safety initiatives that will benefit animal owners and emergency responders. BARTA has also facilitated training for Highways England traffic Officers to assist them in dealing with incidents involving animals on the Network.

In addition to the key messages if you are towing or transporting animals on the road network and you breakdown, when calling for assistance make sure you tell Highways England and your breakdown provider that animals are involved.

The campaign key message is;

If you get into trouble on a motorway – go left

If your vehicle has a problem, or you get into trouble on a motorway, stay calm and try to exit at the next junction or motorway service area. If that’s not possible:

  1. Put your left indicators on.
  2. Move into the left lane.
  3. Enter the next emergency area, or hard shoulder.
  4. Put your hazard lights on.
  5. Get behind a safety barrier where there is one – keep well away from moving traffic.
  6. Call Highways England on 0300 123 5000, then a breakdown provider for help.

If you cannot do the above, or in an emergency, stay in your vehicle, keep seatbelts and hazard lights on.

Call 999 immediately.

Here is a link to their campaign pages on the Highways England website: https://highwaysengland.co.uk/road-safety/breakdowns/